8 delicious sites i digg and everyone should stumble upon


May 10, 2009 by Rux

I won’t lie, I get lost in the sea of websites just as much as the next guy gal – or maybe more. I’ve noticed a trend, no matter how many new websites catch my eye, get added to delicious, stumble upon or dug with digg, there is a set of sites I RSS to my Google Reader.


A few months ago, when I first started reading blogs regularly (yes, it’s only been a few months) I found ZenHabits. Leo does an exceptional job of inspiring and motivation without preaching or sounding like your mother saying “I told you so”. It works because he shares his experiences and how he handles the curve balls that life throws his way – the reader can choose to emulate or to ignore. And the best part is his writing style: he writes as if he is talking to you, yet eloquant – something that I appreciate a lot in blogs, and likely can’t do myself, but hope to improve over time.

Story Telling

A Facebook friend recently posted a message about a blog he enjoys reading. I check it out his link and found  a wonderful blog of stories woven together masterfully by Sameer Vasta. At his blog, i tell stories, he shares with his readers tender sories and interesting finds, from artistic pictues to funny videos and insightful articles.

Wondering from blog to blog a few months back – I think it may have been the second or third day after I dove into blog world – I found Notes to Self. At first I remember thinking it was a home decorating blog. The author was in the middle of doing a piece for a magazine and used her home as a model.  A few visits later I discovered the treasure that is Kyran’s blog. It is beautifully written, funny and mysterious all in one.


Once in a while I find a blog that really blows my mind. 43 Folders has been the one blog that I have been going back to over and over (against the advice of its witty writer, Merlin Mann, who encourages his readers to get to their creative projects and stop their online blog reading procrastination). It’s a great destination that kicks you in the ass for being there and encourages you to get going on your most important projects. Thanks Mann!


Heidi’s 101 Cookbooks is outstanding and delicious! It’s become my go-to recipe blog every time I want to wip up something healthy, delicious and nutritious. I love her takes on traditional recipes and suggestions. The recipes coupled with stunning photography gives even the most unmotivated wannabe cook the perfect incentive to get in the kitchen and start cookin’!


Marketing is not something that I focus on in my searches for cool information. When I need to know something or get an idea I just check out Seth Godin’s site. There is an especially interesting and useful article (the one the link points to) on marketing ideas for a small business. His step-by-step process is both clear and useful. Every small business needs to read this and follow his method. Okay, fine, no one ‘needs’ to do anything, but it would definitely come in handy for any small biz looking for a starting place.


Pop-culture and every else witty and random is Kottke’s blog. It’s a great source of inspiration as it is a great destination where one can easily get lost in the random factoids and archives.

Politically Inclined

When I am in the mood for political insight I read Dave Eaves’s Blog. I like his open mindedness and appreciate the in-depth analysis of the subjects. His latest article discussing the addiction and legalization of drugs in Canada is a great comparative piece, shedding light on the ongoing shameful situation of drugs in Canada.

And for kicks, here is one of my favourite picture from the trip to Angkor Wat.



One thought on “8 delicious sites i digg and everyone should stumble upon

  1. cedricporet says:

    very interestiong but you don’t speak about my blog. OK OK it’s in french and frenchies are booring, but…

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