May 10, 2009 by Rux

Fecamp, mid-size town in Normandy, is home to the Bénédictine Palace and the Abbey of Fecamp, both worth the visit to Fecamp. Along with the port, they are definitely the sights to visit in Fecamp.

Palais de la Bénédictine

Sleeping in Fecamp

The best place to stay if you are looking for inexpensive and the best view in town is the campground. On the southside of the town, hillside, facing the sea – the best campground placement I’ve seen in a long while.  One can rent a 5 person chalet with sea view for about $20 US/person/day. An even better deal is to bring your own tent and set up camp.

Eating in Fecamp

For good eats, the morning market remains the best option for inexpensive do-it-yourself meals. If you’d like someone else to do the cooking, there are plenty ‘boulangerie’s, bistros and restaurants to cater to any taste. We catered to ourselves with two baguettes, a couple of tomatoes and some brie and goat cheese – nothing like an impromptu, sea-side picnic!

Fecamp Abbey hallway


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  1. cedricporet says:

    oh yeah ? I want to go there, now !

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