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It will take me a bit of time to put this together. I have started and stopped a gazillion times. There is something intimate about sharing this information with you that stops me in my tracks every time I am about to publish a new version. I guess it’s all in the process of finding out about ourselves.

For now I will share that I am a new mom to an adorable and of course “the cutest baby in the world” little 4 and a half month old boy. A partner to a wonderful and really really funny French man who has an opinionated blog (in French) and is the “best father ever”.

I’ve lived in Romania, Canada, Cambodia and France, love Sudoku puzzles and all natural medicine related information. (Speaking of, I have stacks of various tid bits of info on natural cures which I plan to share over time.)

Lastly, this blog is a space where I hope to post what I find nice and useful. If you, the reader, finds anything posted here worth using, noting, etc, it will make my day. I subscribe to the same ideas of copyright as Leo of ZenHabits.

Most importantly, have a most fantabulous day!


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